Our Mission

The Invisible Wounds Project provides access to qualified therapy services and other support services to Minnesota’s military, first responders, frontline medical staff, corrections, dispatch, and their families, relating to mental health, PTSD and suicide issues.

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If you need help, reach out. We are here and we care about those we serve. We will ensure that you get the resources and support you, or someone you know needs to get to a better place. We’re not just a therapy resource, we’re a life resource. We meet individuals where they are at, and help them get access to programs and people that will transform their lives.Contact Us

Who We Are

Invisible Wounds Project a charity organization that exists to serve the Minnesota heroes who’ve served all of us.

I started the Invisible Wounds Project because I experienced the struggles of PTSD and trauma as a first responder firsthand. I spent 17 years in public safety working as a police officer, corrections officer and 911 dispatcher. In 2016 I was struggling with PTSD and had hit rock bottom. I was having suicidal ideations, and I hated who I had become. I was a bad father, husband, and was making bad decisions at work that were impacting myself and those I worked with. I knew I needed to make a change in order to save my life. I had looked around for help, but I couldn’t find anything for someone whom I trusted or would understand what I was going through.

Rewind a bit to 2009, I had started an event that’s now called Cruise For Heroes, as a way to pay tribute to my dad who was a veteran, and give back to veterans. I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my public safety career to pursue a career in sales and marketing. It took a few years, but I knew I needed to do something more to help others who were like me. I knew too many first responders who were struggling without resources.

Over time, I recruited some like-minded folks who also wanted to help. In 2018, the Invisible Wounds Project was founded. Over time, the mission has changed to meet the needs of those we serve, but the vision has always remained the same, to help improve the lives and mental health of veterans, first responders, and their families. We focus on helping the small percentage of those who answer the call to serve and do things that most will never see or do. It was also important to me that the families not be left behind. I know all too well that the trauma and struggles I dealt with found their way home, and impacted my family.

Today, we are helping people connect with therapists that are specialized in working with our veterans, and first responders. We provide wellness and social connection activities that help those we serve get out and reconnect with their peers. We’ve built a community of helpers that support others and they’ve found new purpose in paying it forward. Each year we help hundreds of individuals, families and groups.

~ Russ Hanes (Founder)

Help Those Who Help All Of Us!

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We have several ways you can support the mission. Throughout the year we have several ways that you can help to make a positive impact on our community.