Luke is a Marine and 11 years of service as a police officer. After an infant death call, Luke began to struggle and received life changing help and access to other resources through the Invisible Wounds Project.

Russ Hanes the founder of the Invisible Wounds Project shares a bit about what we do, and how we help. You’ll also hear a life saving story because of the work we do. Learn more about how you can help and support those we serve.

Melody is a critical care nurse at HCMC. “I reached out to the Invisible Wounds Project and said ‘I need help’. And that help came immediately.” Watch her story of hope and learn how the equine therapy, woodworking program and support of the Invisible Wounds Project changed her life.
David is an Army vet of 19 years, with 5 combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, and a volunteer firefighter. Sara is a nurse. They received one of the first companion dogs the Invisible Wounds Project ever provided. “It seems so simple, one message, one dog, but it was so much more than that. They gave us our family back.” Watch their story of hope and learn about how their life has changed since connecting with the Invisible Wounds Project.

Niki has over 20 years of experience in EMS and as a dispatcher. After experiencing what she described as a “small piece of a critical incident” and attending a poorly orchestrated debriefing she began to struggle. “As a dispatcher we hear things, and sometimes hearing things are worse than seeing them”. Learn about how the Invisible Wounds Project connected with her, and made a difference.